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Bring your BP to normal to make your life smile forever!
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Oct 10, 2022
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Blood Pressure App for Windows 10 PC you will love to play. This is the latest version of Survivor In Rainbow Monster for Windows 10 PCYou can download it on any desktop or Laptop computer. This is the best game to kill time during the covid19 lockdown. Bring your BP to normal to make your life smile forever! Blood Pressure app is an efficient personal assistant that helps monitor blood pressure and creates a diary with complete details of Systolic and Diastolic pressures and Pulse rate. This innovative BP tracker has well-written and comprehensive blogs providing information about different blood ranges, trends, effects, tips, and workouts. Our blood pressure app covers all BP states such as hypotension, hypertension, normal, elevated and hypertensive conditions.

You can also discover symptoms, causes, first aid tips, and blood pressure control exercises to get acquainted. Measure blood pressure with an FDA-approved medical kit and add details on this app with time and date to develop a blood pressure log for timely details. Undoubtedly, the heart is the sole pump of the human body that transfers blood to all organs, and there should not be any perturbation in the blood pressure. Interestingly, users can export their BP trends to share data with doctors or healthcare assistants. If you are prone to blood pressure issues, this BP control app is an unsung hero for developing a healthy lifestyle and following exercises. Explore the safest, reliable and high-quality platform to control your blood pressure!


Blood Pressure app provides info about different Systolic and Diastolic pressure ranges;
Hypotension (SYS < 90 or DIA < 60)
Normal (SYS 90-120 and DIA 60-80)
Hypertension (130-180 and DIA 90-120)
Hypertensive (SYS > 180 and DIA > 120)

== Blood Pressure Exercises
We have included details about some important exercises and workouts that help to lower your BP.
Aerobic Exercises (Jogging, Cycling, Climbing, Swimming, etc)
Resistance Training (Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Calf Raise, Biceps Curl, etc)
Flexibility Workout (Yoga, Pilates)

== Develop Health Lifestyle
There is nothing more helpful than fighting against a disease naturally. This BP control app has comprehensive blogs that guide you about a suitable diet, maintaining healthy weight and avoiding specific things.

== Blood Pressure Tracker
Our app has a built-in BP tracker that allows you to create a blood pressure journal with all essential fields such as Systolic and Diastolic pressure (mmHg), and Pulse (BPM) with date and time.
However, you can export your BP analysis in .CSV format so you can share details with doctors.

== Symptoms and Causes
This is one of the best blood pressure apps that help to learn about symptoms and causes. However, you can discover different states of blood pressure such as hypotension, hypertension and hypertensive.

Download Free Blood Pressure App for Windows 10 PC Desktop and Laptop

 How to Install Blood Pressure App for Windows PC:

Here is the step by step guide about how to download  The Game for Windows PC, laptop or Mac computer.

1st Step)- First of All you need to download BlueStacks 2021 App Player here. Or You can download LDPLAYER 2021 App Player or also enjoy gaming on Nox Player 2021 for Windows here.

And you can download NoxPlayer for MacOS here

2nd Step)- Once Downloaded, Make sure to Sign in with your Google Account to setup BlueStacks.

3rd Step)- Now go and open the Google Play Store to download the it for Desktop and Laptop computers.

4th Step)- If you couldn’t find it from the play store simply download the game from Play Store.

5th Step)- Now you may install the game as shown in the images.

6th Step)- That’s it. Enjoy the game now.

You have officially downloaded and installed the Game on Desktop Computers using the BlueStacks app player. Now you can enjoy the game.

Overview and Features:

Roll and create beautiful pictures.
Very simple mechanics, only tap and roll.
Once you start, it will be hard to stop.
This will be the one of the most relaxing time of your life.


1 Free to play, play it anywhere anytime
2 Interesting Story, enjoy the clue hunting
3 Use your brain to solve the puzzles
4 No time limited, enjoy yourself

Support model list:
The Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/S7/S8/S9/S10/S20/S21 /S22 series
This App Also the Samsung Galaxy Note4/Note5/Note6/Note7/Note8/Note9/Note10/Note10+/Note20 series
and Samsung Galaxy Tab series

Blood Pressure App for Windows 10 PC Requirements:

Game Name: Blood Pressure App for Windows 10
Size 4 MB
Current Version:
Platform: Windows 10, 8, 7 or Mac OS
Tools: BlueStacks or Nox App Player
Specs Needed:  4 GB RAM + 100 MB HDD Space + Direct X

Also Download:

Blood Pressure App for Windows 10 PC Final Words:

I have personally downloaded the game. Trust me it works like a charm. The super awesome laptop graphics and sound card let Blood Pressure App for Windows 10 PC run so smoothly that I would never experience on my smartphone. So I am highly recommending this app to be played on a larger screen laptop or desktop PC.


What's new

- Update UI Blood Pressure easy to use


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